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India-China border news LIVE UPDATES: Meeting underway to defuse border situation, India- China Tension

India-China Border Latest News Live Updates: The Army, in a statement, said “senior military officials of the two sides are currently meeting at the venue to defuse the situation”.


India-China Border Latest News Live Update: a politician and 2soldiers lost their lives in an exceedingly violent playwithin the Galwan valleyon the controversial India-China come closeMonday night. The Army, in a statement Tuesdaysaidthere were casualties on each side.

“During the reductionmethodcurrentwithin the Galwan valley, a violent face-off took place yesterday night with casualties on each side. The loss of lives on the Indian aspect includes a politician and 2soldiers. Senior military officers of the 2 sides square measurepresently meeting,” the militarysaidin a statement.

Meanwhile, Beijing urged Asian country to “strictly restrain its frontline troops from crossing the border or taking any unilateral action which will complicate the border situation”.

Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh involveda powerful response from the Centre to the perennial incursions by the Chinese into Indian territory whereas Congress demanded that each one political parties be briefed on the bottomscenario.

The last deaths at the road of Actual management (LAC) were in 1975 onceassociate Indian patrol was ambushed by Chinese troopers in Arunachal Pradesh. A violent clash between the 2 sides on the border had taken place at Nathu La in 1967.


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